The FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018 organising committee is made up of geospatial enthusiasts from academic, business, and government sectors.

Conference Chair
Travel Grant Program Lead
Mammoth Geospatial (VIC)
Alex Leith
Program Lead
CRC for Spatial Information (TAS)
David Dean
Community Day Lead
Academic Program Co-Chair
Monash University (VIC)
Greg Lauer
Marketing and Promotion Lead
East View Geospatial (QLD)
Philip Mallis
Volunteer Lead
Darebin City Council (VIC)
Trisha Moriarty
Workshop Lead
Geological Survey of New South Wales (NSW)
Edoardo Neerhut
Organising Committee
Mapillary (VIC)
Organising Committee
OSGeo-Live (NSW)
Daniel Silk
Social Program Lead
Land Information New Zealand (NZ)
Kerry Smyth
Organising Committee
Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (WA)
Vasiti Soko
Organising Committee
GIS specialist (Fiji)
Adam Steer
Sponsorship Lead
Spatialised (ACT)
Organising Committee
Geoscience Australia (ACT)
Martin Tomko
Academic Program Co-Chair
University of Melbourne (VIC)


Many volunteers have made significant contributions to this event, including:

Pete King - logo design

Cholena Smart - website

Kristy Van Putten

Andrew Harvey

Joe O'Connell

Jonathan Garber

Emma Hain

Rowan Winsemius