Community Day Proposal

We are seeking open source geospatial software and mapping projects seeking community participants for our Community Day at FOSS4G SotM Oceania, on Friday November 23rd in the Old Arts Building at the University of Melbourne.

Participation in the Community Day will be free of charge and all folks interested in giving back to open source and open data geospatial communities will be very welcome to help contribute changes to your open-source geospatial or geodata project.

This will be open to everyone - from novice to expert, and registration at the conference will not be a prerequisite for participation.

We would strongly prefer projects to send an experienced contributor along to help coordinate community participants for their project on the day, but will also be willing to post links to smaller projects for participants to go through on their own. You will get better contributions to your project if an experienced contributor can attend to help guide our volunteer contributors!

Closer to the event, we will allow potential contributors to indicate their interest, so we can get an idea of numbers for each projects to report back to you.

Some ideas for types of assistance are suggested below, but we'd love to see what you need, so please feel free to select 'Other'.