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Following an established tradition in the FOSS4G series, FOSS4G SotM Oceania Conference 2018 includes an academic track that will run as a stream throughout the conference. The Conference invites original research contributions on all aspects of open source geospatial software, OpenStreetMap, and open geospatial data and their applications, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in research and teaching.

The academic track encourages contributions beyond implementations and applications of FOSS4G technology, grounded in research of significant scientific novelty. We further invite submissions that extend beyond traditional academic articles and put at the forefront the strengths of open software and open data for transparent, reproducible research. Contributions attempting to use technical solutions that enable the readers to interact with the data, the analysis, or the algorithms and thus verify the scientific methods and results are strongly encouraged.


All types of articles are welcome, including case studies, works in progress, and demos. The submission is in form of a short paper (6 pages maximum), and should include links to online accessible code and/or data and the scientific workflows, where applicable. You can also upload supplementary materials in the submission system. No particular technology is mandated.

How to submit a paper

Authors should submit their papers in PDF through the FOSS4G Conference Proceedings series system maintained by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst:

Submission instructions are available here:

For consistency, we request that the papers are formatted following the Conference proceedings series template, available in Word, RTF and LaTEX formats.


A blind review process will select submissions based on their scientific novelty, relation to the state of the art and overall significance to the FOSS4G and OpenStreetMap communities. The public will be able to cast a preferential vote on the anonymised titles and abstracts submitted. The final decision will be made by the Program Committee Chairs based on the reviews and votes.


Program Chairs

Program Committee

  • Dr Ben Adams (University of Canterbury)
  • Prof. Dr Susanne Bleisch (FHNW Northwestern Switzerland)
  • Dr Alan Both (RMIT University)
  • Dr Haohui (Caron) Chen (Data61 / Monash University)
  • Dr Nick Golding (University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Christoph Kinkeldey (Aviz, Inria Paris-Saclay)
  • Dr Sebastian Meier (Technologiestiftung Berlin)
  • Dr Jennifer Mason (UCLA)
  • Dr Katerina Pavkova (Monash University)
  • Dr Charlotte Pelletier (Monash University)
  • Dr Victoria Rautenbach (University of Pretoria)
  • Dr Michael Rigby (AURIN)
  • Dr Adam Steer (Synthesis Technologies)