Good Mojo Program

The open source software community runs on an economy of giving. Some people give time, some give expertise, and some give money. For an eloquent discussion of the gift economy that helps underpin the open source community, see Paul Ramsey's 2017 keynote at FOSS4G in Boston.


In the spirit of this gift economy, we're inviting contributions from sponsors and attendees towards a Good Mojo fund, to help pay for initiatives that will enrich the conference by enabling attendees who otherwise couldn't attend, supporting the people who have made major contributions, and generally enhancing the event's diversity and sustainability.


Specifically, this extra funding will go towards the following initiatives:

  • Providing a discount for community contributors

  • Funding a Travel Grant Program to enable attendance from across Oceania

  • Enhancing a diversity program


The amount you contribute is entirely up to you - any contribution is greatly appreciated! To make your Good Mojo contribution, please go to our ticket website and select the Good Mojo ticket (you can do this even without buying a ticket). Sponsors, if you prefer to be invoiced directly, we can also arrange this, just drop us a line at


Contribute here: