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Sponsorship Prospectus

Introducing FOSS4G and SotM

FOSS4G SotM Oceania is a regional event forging an Oceania-focussed link in a global community of Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) developers and users; supported by the OSGeo foundation and the OpenStreetMap Foundation. The conference will take place in Melbourne, Australia from the 20th to 23rd of November 2018.

FOSS4G stands for ‘Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial’ - and has been used since 2006 as a label for international and regional conferences of the open source geospatial (OSGeo) foundation ( The OSGeo foundation supports development and adoption of open source geospatial technology. FOSS4G is part of the broader open source software philosophy (see

SotM is an acronym for ‘State of the Map’. It is an annual conference organised by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, giving individuals and organisations a platform to discuss the development of the OpenStreetMap Project ( OpenStreetMap is a long-running effort to build a free and open editable map of the world. SotM conferences are now taking place both at an international level and a regional level, allowing the community to share tools that relate to the project and case studies that can inform others.

Who will attend FOSS4G SotM Oceania? 

This is a conference for developers, users, contributors and all other members of the community who are interested in open source geospatial software and the OpenStreetMap project.

International FOSS4G and SotM events typically attract a diverse audience -  insurance brokers, governments, space agencies, humanitarian organisations, students, app developers and lounge-room map surfers.
As a sponsor, FOSS4G SotM Oceania is an opportunity for you to connect with some of the most active members of Oceania's GIS community. Some of the attendees are helping to shape the direction of GIS standards and software in the region, while others represent organisations invested in open source GIS tools and the people/companies supporting them.

It is a fantastic opportunity to engage with developers at the cutting edge of geospatial technology, literally building the foundations for interpreting our world in space and time. 

Why you should sponsor FOSS4G SotM Oceania

Sponsorship of this event not only gives you a marketing presence, but shows your willingness to give back to this fundamentally important global community. You will be supporting ongoing development of free, open, democratised geospatial tools which have now become part of critical geospatial infrastructure.

Support of the event also enables the continued growth of the OpenStreetMap community and the organisations and services that rely on this project. This includes organisations like the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOTOSM).

Funding from sponsorships also helps us to set a fair ticket price and support attendees who may come from far away; or have other needs which require support. The FOSS4G SotM community is diverse and inclusive - sponsorship funding goes around the circle very quickly, and helps us to help others.

Importantly, this is a not-for-profit event organised by volunteers. Funding for FOSS4G SotM Oceania is used to cover costs. Any surplus is committed as seed funding for future events and community development.

Finally, sponsorship of FOSS4G SotM Oceania can provide exposure as a sponsor of the OSGeo foundation. For example a platinum level sponsorship automatically gives you silver level sponsorship of OSGeo. We will help you navigate additional sponsorship exposure wherever you see fit.

What happens at FOSS4G SotM Oceania?

The FOSS4G SotM Oceania conference is formally a two day event, with the program split between FOSS4G and SotM topics - although you’ll find a lot of overlap. For an example, a list of presentations from FOSS4G 2017 is given here and the program from SotM 2017 is here.

A day preceding the conference is devoted to technical workshops, where leading practitioners deliver hands-on training. These are generally extraordinary value, and a chance to meet/connect with like minded developers and users.

After the formal conference is over, it's 'Community Day' - a participatory event including a code sprint and a mapathon. This is a chance for developers to pool resources and work on a project of interest, and for people in the extended community to find ways to contribute and participate.

The FOSS4G SotM conference is a diverse and safe event, operating under a code of conduct available here:

Who runs FOSS4G SotM Oceania?

Read more about OSGeo and its events here: It’s likely that if you’ve used or built a web map, you’ve used one of their supported projects.

The OpenStreetMap Foundation can be found here: Their work supports you getting lost less; and enabling speedy disaster responses using community-powered mapping and verification.

The conference is being run in partnership with the University of Melbourne and the  Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute. The University of Melbourne is assisting with the venue, and SSSI is acting as a guarantor.

In the spirit of the FOSS4G SotM community, the conference is organised by a volunteer team of experienced geospatial practitioners committed to the goals of both the OSGeo and OpenStreetMap foundations.

Conditions of sponsorship
FOSS4G SotM Oceania believes in a diverse and inclusive community. We’ve outlined some of the things we care about here:

...and would love your support if you feel the same way.

Sponsorship packages

Package  Platinum   Gold   Silver   Bronze 
Cost ($AUD)* 5000 2500 1500 750
Registrations 4 2 1 -
Dinner tickets (subject to availability) ++   4 2 1 -
Workshop registrations** 2 1 - -
Website promotion x x x x
Logo on marketing materials x x x x
Trade table (subject to availability) x x x  
Logo on conference mementos x      


* A Good Mojo contribution (explained below) can be added on top of sponsorship levels. Also, please consider donating unused registrations, dinner tickets, and workshop registrations back to the Good Mojo program.
** Included full price conference registrations are valued at $400 / person, half-day workshop registrations are valued at $100 / person.
++ Dinner tickets are valued at $80 / person

Package details


The platinum sponsorship package includes:

  • Prominent company logo, link and acknowledgement on the conference website
  • Prominent company logo on marketing materials
  • Acknowledgement at opening and closing sessions
  • Trade table in prominent position, access to power, wifi (on request)
  • Four complimentary registrations for the FOSS4G-SotM conference
  • Four complimentary conference dinner tickets
  • Prominent company logo on conference memento (issued to all attendees)


The gold sponsorship package includes:

  • Prominent company logo, link and acknowledgement on the conference website
  • Prominent company logo on marketing materials
  • Acknowledgement at opening and closing sessions
  • Trade table, access to power, wifi (on request)
  • Two complimentary registrations for the FOSS4G-SotM conference
  • Two complimentary conference dinner tickets


The silver sponsorship package includes:

  • Company logo, link and acknowledgement on the conference website
  • Company logo on marketing materials
  • Trade table, access to power, wifi (on request)
  • One complimentary registration for the FOSS4G-SotM conference
  • One complimentary conference dinner ticket


The bronze sponsorship package includes:

  • Company logo, link and acknowledgement on the conference website
  • Company logo on marketing materials

Good Mojo

The open source software community runs on an economy of giving. Some people give time, some give expertise, and some give money (see:

In the spirit of giving, a Good Mojo sponsorship package is available. This can be added to existing sponsorship packages or given as a standalone contribution. Alternately, if you’d like to contribute but a sponsorship package is out of reach, you can add an affordable level of Good Mojo to the system.

Whichever way you roll, the amount can be decided by you. If you choose to do so, you will be identified as a ‘Good Mojo’ contributor on the conference web site and proceedings. Or your contribution can be completely anonymous.

This potential extra funding will go towards ensuring the conference is sustainable in general, as well as the following initiatives:

  • Enhancing a diversity program (for example subsidising childcare)
  • Providing a discount for State of the Map community contributors
  • Funding a travel grant programme to enable attendance from remote and far flung regions of Oceania

Please contact the sponsorship team if you’re interested in adding some Good Mojo!
Sponsorship coordinator: Dr. Adam Steer
Team: Daniel Silk, Edoardo Neerhut, John Bryant