Australia to Vanuatu: A visual exploration of the mapping challenges in Asia and the Pacific.

By the time you read this, contemplating which sessions to attend at FOSS4G SotM Oceania, Mapillary contributors will have uploaded close to 370 million images from around the world. This session will look at what kind of challenges in Asia and Oceania are being addressed with street-level imagery. This includes both the manual component (OSM and GIS integrations) and the automated component (computer vision) that help derive map data from imagery. The challenges being tackled include flood risks, earthquakes, unplanned settlements, and mobility challenges such as wheelchair accessibility, cycling infrastructure, rural road construction.

Presentation type: Full length
Session: State of the Map


Edoardo Neerhut

I've always had a passion for maps, but it was only upon joining Mapillary in 2015 that I was able to explore this fully. I work with our diverse community of contributors, helping them use street-level imagery and the power of computer vision to improve the world's maps. Use cases range from city councils using Mapillary to track their assets, to citizens using Mapillary to map bike infrastructure in their neighbourhood. Working with this wide contributor base means I am regularly using OpenStreetMap and increasingly QGIS.