Choosing Tegola to create vector tiles

There are a large number of different vector tile server options.  This presentation talks about how to choose software and why we recently chose to use Tegola over other vector tile solutions.  

In this presentation you will learn:
- what is a vector tile server
- what options are there
- how do you compare the various options
- why we choose tegola but you may choose something else
- a short intro to Tegola

Presentation type: Full length
Session: Tiles Tiles Tiles


Angus Scown

Angus Scown studied a double degree of Land Surveying and Information Technology. Over the last 20 years he has worked in various product companies that do turn by turn car navigation, yacht navigation and a web site for land surveyors in Australia to get all the land registry information they need for their work. He's been using open source geospatial since mapserver version 3 and postgres since version 7. An active member of SSSI and presenting many times throughout the year at Land Surveying seminars.