Dotloom - Next Generation Point-cloud Platform

Sharing data securely and reliably is tedious, transferring big spatial data is a real challenge! Data portals, web services and platforms often struggle already with uploading and downloading the data, requiring large investments in IT infrastructure and fast and stable internet connection, and still it requires patience by the user. Dotloom wants to change this and make the sharing of data easy, enjoyable, secure and efficient.

Dotloom is a distributed system for synchronizing, replicating, indexing and processing of terabytes of point-cloud data with peer-to-peer technologies. The distributed nature allows instant exchange between data producers and data consumers.
Processing pipelines have the power to stream data from multiple peers, and the generated output can be shared again instantly. Remote indexing can be implemented using partial data, reducing transfer costs
Building on the existing “DAT Project” infrastructure, Dotloom adds functionality needed to manage, query, and visualize point-cloud data. These new concepts of Dotloom have the potential to transform not just how we deal with point-clouds, but may lead to a transformation of the big-data community.

Presentation type: Full length
Session: Remote Sensing


Daniel Kastl