The evolution of a homegrown QGIS developer

How do you go from a heavy MapInfo using junior GIS council worker to a QGIS core developer?

Follow me on my journey from my first interest in QGIS into becoming a QGIS core developer, what was the onboarding process like, and what it felt like to be accepted as part of the community and project which has grown to be one of the most used open source GIS applications - I might even find my first emails and git commits for a bit of fun.

This talk isn't all about me - that would be a bit egotistical now wouldn't it - it is also about how others have gone from non-contributing coders (or non-coders) to core developers and the great impacts on the project they have had. A friendly open source is a great gateway drug to becoming a great developer and these cases prove a little love and friendliness can make all the difference.

Presentation type: Full length
Session: FOSS4G Adoption


Nathan Woodrow

Nathan is an Australian QGIS core developer who loves adding features and fixing bugs to make QGIS just that little bit better for everyone.