Our journey adopting QGIS in a corporate environment

We have achieved something amazing at our large international engineering company in the open source space that we want to share our experiences with our community.

We adopted QGIS to supplement our previous GIS software where it fell short in tool and licence availability. QGIS is now used more than the commercial alternatives by our GIS Staff in some regions and as our default corporate spatial software for non-GIS staff.

I’ll reveal how we got management and IT to agree to switch over to open source software, and share the secrets of what our workplace implemented to support the software and contribute to the ongoing development of the QGIS product.

Plus I’ll also delve into the nasty bits, the issues we encountered: 
- Expected and unexpected 
- Ones we fixed 
- The ones we are fixing 
- The tricky ones that are still confounding us

It has been an exciting journey so far and the response we have from our company is encouraging and a real tribute to the amazing community that has created QGIS, and I'd love to share our experiences and advice with you!

Presentation type: Full length
Session: FOSS4G Adoption


Emma Hain

I've been in the GIS business on and off since 2001 where I got a kickstart from the Army in the world of the maps. Previous to that I dabbled in Sports & Event Management, Art History , Archaeology and Languages. This exhibits my interest in human behaviour and visual patterns and short weeks at Uni! I would describe myself as an end-user GIS operator working in an consulting engineering environment. I like to work in a team where experiences and knowledge can be shared and where passions shape what we do.