QGIS for Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualisation

The world is data crazy! It's probably no surprise that QGIS is a immensely powerful data analysis platform, yet many users never venture outside the traditional GIS home ground of map digitization and shapefile mangling. So let's break down this barrier and explore some of the ways in which QGIS allows you to tease out the hidden patterns and value lying deep within your raw data.

During this presentation I’ll be showcasing some of the ways you can interactively explore and visualise data within QGIS. We'll be leveraging QGIS' rich cartographic features to interactively explore the hidden spatial patterns lying in data. I’ll also demonstrate some of the powerful plugins available for data analysis directly within QGIS.

Who knows, we may even end up creating the next social-media-breaking viral map!

Presentation type: Full length
Session: Visualisation/Web Mapping


Nyall Dawson

Nyall has been a core developer with the QGIS project since 2013. During this time, he has contributed over 8000 commits to the project, and today is one of the most active developers on the project. Nyall's contributions to QGIS cover a wide range of areas - from improvements to the map rendering and symbology engines, enhancements to labeling and print layout functionality, right through to optimisations of the underlying spatial processing algorithms utilised by QGIS. He is dedicated to making QGIS a unique tool capable of creating cartographic effects which to date have not been available in GIS software applications. Nyall is currently the proprietor and lead developer at North Road Consulting, an Australian spatial development consultancy which focuses predominantly on investing in and promoting use of open source GIS applications.