QGIS Sorceress in Training: A QGIS User’s Story

I would love to take this opportunity to share my QGIS story, and how I use QGIS in my reporting. 

I am a journalist by training, with no GIS background. My first introduction to QGIS was in 2015, when I transitioned from being a web editor to become a graphics editor. 

My QGIS wizard mentor was based in London, so I learned QGIS via his Youtube training videos. It was intimidating at first, but the challenge was what pushed me to seek out blogs, books and online communities to add on to my QGIS knowledge. 

I have a portfolio of maps made with QGIS that have seen publication, and I would like to share this during the conference. 

Some of them are here:

I would like to briefly explain how valuable the map is in each story, and how QGIS has made it possible for us to add more value to the report. 

I’d also like to highlight that for me, QGIS is an ongoing training. Sometimes I feel like I've mastered it, as I’m considered as one of the mapping experts at Bloomberg, but then QGIS surprises me with something new.

Presentation type: Full length
Session: Visualisation/Web Mapping


Hannah Dormido

Hannah Dormido is a data visual journalist at Bloomberg News, where she covers global politics, economics, and science and technology from the company's Asia headquarters in Hong Kong. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Ms. Dormido led the editorial graphics team for the Financial Times in Asia as Senior Editor. She is an expert in mapping visual data using QGIS.