The Road Less Travelled: A corporation’s journey to an open source enterprise geospatial platform

As Australasia’s largest general insurer, IAG, we've spent the last 4 years freeing ourselves from the limitations of licensed geospatial tools. To release and realise the potential of our data and make it available across the business - we had to adopt an open source strategy, focussed on the role of geospatial data and technology, to help deliver our purpose & strategy. 

Borrowing from Joseph Campbell – this presentation will take you on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ through the transformation of the disparate location/GIS/geospatial teams within IAG over time; as well as the various incarnations of our geo-infrastructure and the ever present challenges of change & uncertainty and how we hope to stay ahead with open source software, open data and open minds

The aim of the talk is to explain the how, why and what of our leaps forward in capability; to hopefully motivate other organisations to also adopt the ever-increasing amounts of amazing open source spatial, data engineering and data science tools to get better at what they do.

Presentation type: Full length
Session: FOSS4G Adoption


Ed Haverkamp

Ed Haverkamp has been working in data and geospatial for over 20 years. He spent over 10 year as MapData Services Data Manager in the period of providing data for both Bing Maps and Google and has been working with GNAF since day dot. The last 3.5 years have been as part of the location engineering team at IAG, leading the way in our open source adoption, and for the last 6 months have been leading the team. Ed is passionate about foundational data enhanced with as much open data as possible, good geocoding and has a healthy distaste for postcode mapping.