Is the turf(js) greener on the other side? Lessons learnt from maintaining a FOSS4G library.

TurfJS is a modular geospatial analysis library for designed for use in the browser as well as NodeJS. TurfJS provides almost 150 modules for people to use freely in their applications, with the most popular module being downloaded 50,000 times a week via npm.

Rowan, has been a core contributor to TurfJS for the past few years. During this talk Rowan will reflect on some of what he's learnt about the management of TurfJS as a project, including sharing some of the benefits of participating in the library, as well as some of the challenges of maintaining it.  Rowan will also provide a bit of a roadmap for where the TurfJS project might head in the future, as well as outlining some of the areas that it'll never compete in.

Note: This won't be a talk on how to use TurfJS, although we'll probably show a few cool examples :)

Presentation type: Full length
Session: The_Geom: A Space Oddity


Rowan Winsemius

Rowan is a geospatial developer based in Canberra. When not wrangling vertices or crunching pixels you'll most likely find him chasing his kids or cursing the possum who's getting into his veggie patch.