Who actually uses geospatial data?

For the last seven years, Koordinates has powered a range of New Zealand geospatial data services, including Land Information New Zealand and the Ministry for the Environment. Over that time, the platform has grown to over 40,000 registered data users, with a surprising range of industries and occupations. 

As the platform has grown, we've collected detailed analytics and conducted hundreds of user interviews with real-world data users. In this talk, I'll take a deep dive into the numbers to answer the most important questions in data distribution: Who uses geospatial data? What formats and access channels do they want? And what obstacles do they continue to face? I’ll identify gaps and unsolved problems in the geospatial data ecosystem, and present our vision for the future of data distribution globally.

Presentation type: Full length
Session: Data Publishing and Portals


Hamish Campbell

Hamish is a software product manager with a background in civil engineering consultancy. He cares about open data, building great software that is good for society and the planet, and has a mild addiction to Finnish cinnamon buns.